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I can't believe that anyone would ever be interested in who I am, but since I included the link to this page, here goes....

I was born in Montana on the day after Christmas, 1957. Lets see, that makes me 40 years old as I write this. Since that first day in Montana I have spent most of my life (past 30 years) in Colorado. The year 1989 saw me getting married to my wonderful wife Carolyn and a big move from a rental house in Denver to our own home in Pine Junction Colorado.

I am a Geophysicist in the Oil industry and my work has taken me to the deserts of Yemen, the Rain Forests of Peru, and the rice fields of Thailand.

I went to the EAA fly-in in Oshkosh for the first time in 1991 and fell in love with Van's Aircraft's RV series of planes. I had never even thought about building my own plane but found myself ordering the Empenage and wings after a trip to Van's Offices in Great Plains Oregon in the fall of 1994. The crates showed up late February 1995 and I started work on my dream.

As winter approached in 1995 and the wings were starting to look like wings, it became apparent that more room was needed to build the fuselage. Plans were drawn up, permits received, and in April 1996 ground was broke for the addition of our new shop. Needless to say, construction on the wings stopped and my energies were focused on building the house. The final inspections for the house were received on December 23, 1996 but the place was no where near finished. Carpet, tile, kitchen remodel, trim and a million other little details took many more months to finish. Three 6 week trips to Peru slowed progress down and by November 1997 I was ready to start working on the plane again.

The wings are almost done now and I am seriously contemplating the building of a fuselage jig.

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